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Managing Director
Our Client is a leading group of Companies with a strong focus on Agri / Agri Inputs / Chemicals / Fert and Logistics; on their behalf we are looking for an experienced and motivated Managing Director with a BSc. (Hons) in Chemistry and C.H.E. Chemical and Pharmaceutical science to join their Harare

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Available Jobs Kenya

Our client is seeking an experienced safety, and security professional to play a key role in overseeing and driving the companies health/safety/security work forwardRead More

We are looking for a resilient and experienced health, safety and security professional to take on a critical leadership role. This is a company that is a rapidly growing organization, with a team of over 7,000 staff distributed across 11 locations within Africa and Asia.
The Health, Safety and Security team forms a key component of the companies Corporate Operations department, and members of the HSS team work closely with our most senior leaders to create and execute the Health, Safety and Security vision and strategy.
You will ensure the delivery of this strategy through the development of simple, effective and scalable systems to proactively mitigate risk and improve our preparedness to keep our staff safe and healthy.
You will also be responsible for leading the response to any situations that do arise, such as staff injury in the field or political instability in one of our countries of operation.
This is a dynamic, challenging and high-impact role. The successful applicant will thrive on creating and delivering on high-level strategy, continuously looking for opportunities to mitigate risks, and making decisions in high-pressure environments.
The overarching goals of this role are to:
Design and deliver solutions to observed operational challenges relating to health, safety, and security issues by guiding implementation through a team of staffers across our locations. These challenges, if not managed well, would cause significant risks and barriers to the organisation as they seek to scale up globally.
Devise a strategic approach to organisation-level health, safety & security work and advance organisational policy, structural procedures and on-the-ground responses in line with this strategy.
Coordinate response to acute emergencies (e.g. staff security incidents or road traffic accidents) or longer-term crises (e.g. global COVID-19 pandemic). Responses to emergencies affecting staff are important moments in the morale and retention of staff. Getting the response right depends on thinking on your feet, working with a lot of different people, applying a range of skills, and advocating at all times for the well-being of all affected parties.
Build Team: Hire and manage a team of in-country security experts who will deliver on ensuring that systems and processes are maintained to an excellent level on a day-to-day basis, to lead on the smooth roll-out of new initiatives, and to provide leadership and strong communication systems on the ground in all locations.
Build Relationships: Build and maintain strong collaborative relationships across several departments, amongst key in-country leaders, senior leaders in the organisation, and a range of international security partners in order to create alignment and momentum on systemic improvements to our health, safety and security systems.
Educate and Influence Behaviour Change: Use intel communications, internal systems, and trainings to improve staff awareness, education, and behaviour patterns to mitigate risks and improve their safety.

  • Industry: Environment
  • Salary: Negotiable based on experience

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
We are seeking exceptional candidates with 5 years’ of strong project management experience at an NGO, private organisation, or a security consultancy organisation. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:<br> Passion for operations, building scalable and efficient systems and solving problems in a difficult operating environment.<br> Level-headed and able to work well under pressure.<br> Proven ability to manage teams and develop leaders; experience in remote management a plus.<br> Strong analytical skills.<br> Excellent written and verbal communication skills.<br> High levels of emotional resilience and emotional intelligence.<br> Creativity and strong problem-solving skills.<br> Related Master’s Degree is an asset, but not strictly required.<br> We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with patience and a humble approach to service.<br> A willingness to commit to living in East Africa for at least
Key Skills

Additional Requirements

Our client is looking for a Supply Chain Data Analyst/Operations Associate to enhance systems & implement data-integration tools that will drive efficient scale-up of the supply chain. Deliver results on high impact projects designed to drive performance, eliminate waste & achieve cost-effectivenessRead More

This is a fast growing client and to support its growth, they need to develop a flexible sourcing strategy, set clear and measurable targets, hold the full supply chain team accountable to these bold targets using data, and implement tight controls to guarantee inputs make it to the clients on time and at the best possible price.
We are looking for a Data and Operations Associate to improve the team's data quality, build more efficient and transparent processes, and lead major cost-saving projects.
In this role, you will implement major cost-saving and efficiency improving projects with a heavy focus on process automation, reducing redundancies, and better use of data.
You will refine and simplify processes, use data to align systems across the supply chain team, improve our controls environment to prevent over-spend, improve order accuracy to dramatically reduce excess inventory, and justify investments in supply chain operations with visible performance goals.
Specific responsibilities include:
Manage Sourcing Data: Work with the sourcing data team to automate data processes and reports for better visibility into supply chain data across the organization.
More specifically: Guide the data entry team to enter 100% of data on time - this will require holding the team accountable to ambitious expectations while simplifying and automating data entry processes to reduce the risk of errors
Manage day-to-day issue resolution and ticket generation for SAP request portal
Align with cross-department team members to alleviate friction caused by messy data, solve problems and resolve conflict quickly.
Inspire creativity in sourcing operations to eliminate waste: Work with Supply Chain Operations
Manager to move creative, data-focused initiatives forward that improve efficiency.
Example projects include: Automate processes to reduce procurement lead times and improve process visibility
Reduce approval touch points in SAP and the portal
Build bridges with the payments / finance team to ensure payments go out consistently on time
Work with the purchasing teams to ensure they share documentation with enough time to guarantee on time payments
Own controls oversight through data sampling and reporting
Collaborate with internal partners to reduce repetition from sourcing processes.
Supplier relationship management:
Manage new vendor onboarding process
Oversee supplier relationship management toolkit to make sure vendor profiles are up to date, vendors are being scored after every order, and low performing vendors are being phased out
Develop and execute supplier scorecard system
Capacity building / Build Team Culture:
Create an empowering environment for staff reporting to you to learn under your leadership and support with recruitment at all job grades
Create an enabling environment for purchasers to improve their sourcing skills by developing trainings and being a mentor to others
Support heavily on recruitment by tapping into talent pools to hire top talent for open roles on the team.

  • Industry: Business / Strategic Management
  • Salary: Negotiable based on experience

Required Skills

4 Years of Experience
You have 4 years or work experience in an operations or strategic problem-solving role, with exposure to complex project management, process automation, and forecasting. <br> You have an excellent academic background, love data, and are passionate about reducing waste across supply chain operations. Having prior operations or consulting experience is preferred but we're most interested in whether you have experience solving complex operational problems in a fast-growing organization.<br> You have the following experience:<br> You have experience in a demanding, multicultural professional environment, preferably in positions where frequent cross-department collaboration was required<br> You have experience in operations, consulting, manufacturing, or supply chain<br> You have leadership experience at work or outside of work<br> You love working with data and have data analytics and quantitative reasoning skills;<br> Advanced Excel (can maintain complex spreadsheets) required an
Key Skills

Additional Requirements

Our client, a large well established organisation, is looking for a Mechanical Trainer to join their team based in Kenya.Read More

This role requires a fully qualified teacher, affiliated to a training institute, who can teach and sign off at the end of a term/training course in order for the pupil/technician to become accredited to that institutes syllabus/accreditation.

  • Industry: Mechanical Engineering / Trades
  • Salary: Negotiable Accommodation and Benefits.

Required Skills

Years of Experience
Holds a recognized teaching qualification<br> Has experience of delivering and developing Mechanical Training courses<br> Knowledge of alternative teaching/learning options<br> An intermediate level of understanding of MS office applications<br>
Key Skills
Proven ability in application of assessment and processes<br> Excellent interpersonal, leadership and supervisory skills<br> An energetic and motivating approach to work<br> Fluent written and spoken English is essential<br> Should also have good presentation and communication skills, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and a focus on continuous learning and improvement<br>

Additional Requirements


Our client, a large well established organisation, is looking for an outstanding Workshop Manager to join their team based in Kenya.Read More

The role would be full workshop management overseeing 120 staff and working with the transport manager to make sure availability of equipment and lead times of getting equipment out of the workshops, overseeing a fully fledged breakdown team, 3 small workshops out in the field 50 km away, overseeing stock ordering with purchase department, writing reports when need be, dealing with suppliers and working on budgets with the accounts department.

  • Industry: Mechanical Engineering / Trades
  • Salary: USD$3000 Negotiable plus Accommodation & benefits

Required Skills

10 Years of Experience
Mechanical Engineering Degree / Class One Diesel Mechanic or equivalent
Key Skills
Experienced workshop manager/mechanic<br> Must have worked on Agricultural related equipment including Harvesters

Additional Requirements

Workshop Management

Our client is looking for a qualified electrician to join their factory in Nairobi, Kenya
? Must have up to 3 years experience as an electrician working in an industrial environment
? Must have expertise with PLC Controls
? Excellent understanding of safety rules in an industrial setting
? Must be able to work late hours and overnight, and should be able to work weekends as well - if required
? Strong mechanical, analytical, and solution driven skills
? Experience in Automation, conveyors, and artificial intelligence expertise
? Possess state certification or equivalent qualification or license
? Possess strong electrical and mechanical abilities
? Must be able to use basic tools and machinery
? Ability to schedule and balance priorities; and possess a strong adherence to deadlines
? Awareness of operational machinery problems in short proximity
? Strong ability to read measure devices and blueprints
? Strong understanding of PLC controls
Must be Kenyan national, based in Nairobi

  • Industry: Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Salary: KSH 40-55.000 net depending on qualification.

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
Key Skills

Additional Requirements