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Financial Reporting Accountant - Articles
Our Client is a large and growing company which is part of a regional group of companies. They are now looking for a Financial Reporting Accountant to join the team, who has completed their articles.

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Our client is looking for a Warehouse Manager to join their team in Beira, MozambiqueRead More

Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
Manage all Administrative warehouse activities such as gate activities, on- and off-loading of cargo, storage and bagging of cargo.
Ensure the company's clients receive the best possible customer service through effective communication and constant process improvements.
Delegate daily tasks to Warehouse Supervisors and follow up to ensure targets achieved
Manage the booking process effectively from end to end (Receipt of booking to invoicing).
Design and maintain customer service procedures for the and warehouse to reduce company exposure against penalties and claims.
Coordinating and negotiating with transporters for dispatch of goods.
Assume day-to-day responsibilities for administration at the warehouse site such as ensuring effective procedures are in place to ensure EPMS data reflects physical stock on the ground.
Auditing daily labour and billing statements.
Managing and checking all inventory records and making evaluation reports.
Ensure compliance with customs regulations and ensure files are kept as per legal requirement.
Setting and allocating targets to warehouse staff and organizing staff training.
Manage and record overtime and casual labours to assist HR in payroll.
Report on the activities to the Operations Manager on an ongoing basis formally and informally. Formal reporting consists of operational reports for the warehouse activities.

  • Industry: Transport / Shipping /Logistics
  • Salary: Discussed with shortlisted candidates

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Must have at least 5 years experience in Warehousing, 3 or more years at a Management/Supervisor level<br> Must have relevant qualifications<br> Must have drivers licence<br> If not a Mozambican national must have a passport and be willing to relocate to Beira, Mozambique<br>
Key Skills

Additional Requirements

We are seeking a suitably qualified person to develop and deliver a workplace-based apprenticeship program in the transport sector.
Read More

Accountability Reports to the TVET Institute Director.
Working hours 48 hours per week.
Position Statement The Master Trainer – Transport Sector Apprenticeships will lead the apprenticeship program and work co-operatively with the Technical Training team and Employers to pioneer the development of Workplace-Based Training for the Transport Sector.
Key areas of responsibility
Implement the apprenticeship program for technical artisans within the transport sector and modular skills training courses by presenting theoretical and practical units, assessing competence, and reporting.
Participate in the promotion of the training and development programmes to prospective participants, both from the employers side and potential students
Participate in the identification of training and development needs amongst technical employees of participating employers by conducting skill-level assessment tests in liaison with managers for the purposes of modular or apprenticeship training.
Provide a linkage between industry standards, training providers, employers and apprentices, and carry out specific related functions under the legislation and regulations respecting the designated trade and corresponding apprenticeship programs.
Promote the apprenticeship and certification opportunities to diverse audiences.
Coordinate and administer apprenticeship agreements and examinations, advise apprentices and employers of their rights and responsibilities under relevant legislation and regulations regarding apprenticeship programs and investigate matters of non-compliance under the legislation.
Assist in the design and development of the supporting documentary framework for the apprenticeship program and modular courses by reviewing logbooks, training contents, assessment forms and report formats to adjust to levels of competence and the needs of the companies.
Manage apprentices and apprentices by keeping them on track in their training by accompanying their daily attendance and progress both in the workplace and offsite.
Assist in the development and application of the practical apprentice skills assessments by formalising assessment methods, competency and performance standards to measure fail and pass performance at each stage of the apprentice’s development, ensuring uniform implementation across different companies, and maintaining industry assessment standards.
Ensure the completion of tasks per time-lines, keeping managers informed, and recommending remedial action where they do not comply with their responsibilities.
Develop and implement skill level assessment tests for purposes of recruitment.
Assist in the recruitment of technical staff by conducting skill-level assessments at selection stage, in liaison with recruiters and responsible company managers, and issuing results against the performance standard.
Assess the effectiveness of training design and delivery methods and revise to improve by analysing feedback from apprentices.
Carry out post-training follow up with apprentices on-the-job by observing their performance, formal assessments, and in meetings with managers. Identify problem areas and rectify through re-training where required.
Deliver monthly/weekly reports and statistics analysing training activities, outcomes and apprentice performance, with recommendations and actions to meet objectives.
Administer training records by keeping logbooks up to date and ensuring apprentice portfolios of evidence are complete and filed.
Comply with training targets and KPI’s agreed and set to fulfil the training plan, solve issues that threaten achievement of objectives and escalate problems to management, with proposed solutions.
Manage the security of tools, materials and equipment used in training, housekeeping of training areas and equipment.
Perform other official duties as required.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Salary: Around $3000 USD negotiable

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Qualified and accredited as a Class 1, grade C3 Diesel Mechanic, or similar valid trade certification;<br> TVET Certificate B for Mozambique (desirable). <br>
Key Skills
5 years of experience as an apprenticeship trainer using the apprenticeship framework of training, and application of competency-based training techniques;<br> Fluency in both English and Portuguese (desirable).<br> Instructional knowledge of Transport Sector skills, especially truck mechanics, auto-electrics, panel beating and welding; <br> Advanced knowledge of apprenticeship system, legislation and regulations respecting the apprenticeship programs and trade certification<br> Advanced knowledge of trades, clients and cultural diversity, and a working knowledge of trends in the industry<br> Working knowledge of applicable government policies and priorities, and other agencies’ mandates and interprovincial activities<br> Proficient in assessing existing and post-training skills;<br> Proficient in MS Office – MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint;<br> Good written and verbal communication skills;<br> Detail orientated (accuracy and quality orientation when working);<br> High levels

Additional Requirements


Our client is looking for a young, enthusiastic mechanic that has experience working on SCANIA TRUCKS.
The role is based in Beira, Mozambique and is open to all nationalities that are keen to make a move to Mozambique.
Full job description to follow
Read More

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

2 Years of Experience
Must have previous SCANIA Truck experience <br> Must have relevant qualifications<br> Must have a valid passport and be willing to relocate to Beira, Mozambique<br>
Key Skills

Additional Requirements

Our Client is looking for a Stock and Sales Coordinator to join their team in Beira, Mozambique.Read More

Duties include:
Processing sales invoices on SAP
Producing weekly, monthly and yearly sales and contribution report
Drafting Warehouse Sales and Volume contribution report to be uploaded on sharepoint every month
Producing slow moving stock tracker report every month
Dictating operational requirements to Logistics. Setting/Communication production plans.
Communicating blend schedules to logistics team.
Ensuring Customer’s requirements are communicated to operational teams
Processing all approved cost impairments
Compiling NRV and adjustment reports
Reconciling invoices from Suppliers and 3rd party contractors before submission for payment approval
Posting Supplier invoices into SAP
Raising Proforma Invoices for clients
Registration of new clients
Ownership of Beira stock, stock movements and recons.
Managing of stock counts and stock audits.
Processing manufactured blends in SAP. (Production)
Supervision of truck dispatches.
Ensuring 3rd party contractors adhere to company production plans.
Adding of conditions to stock.
GR of imports in SAP
Operational communication with ZFD Ops team.
Assisting on Import plans, confirmations and documentation instructions
Involvement in long term planning. Import and export production.

  • Industry: Sales / Marketing / PR / Advertising
  • Salary: MZN 85-90,000 per month plus benefits

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
A degree in Sales and Marketing,<br> Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar role.<br>
Key Skills
Understanding and working knowledge of the Agricultural industry and the agricultural market.<br> Working knowledge of customer service and external customer relations management.<br>

Additional Requirements


Our Client is looking for a General Manager to join their team.Read More

The General Manager has the primary purpose of managing the operations in Mozambique, according to company strategy, and in line with the growth of profits targets of the business.
The role entails:
Overseeing all staff and operations to ensure the company profit goals are achieved through a variety of measures;
Managing the operations with excellent and ethical client service;
Ensuring that there are sufficient skilled staff working efficiently to achieve the company strategy and goals;
Implementing the short, medium and long-term goals of the company as articulated by the Board.
The General Manager reports directly to the Group Managing Director.
Duties & Responsibilities:
The scope of responsibilities of the General Manager covers the strategic, operational and administrative areas of the Company in Mozambique.
Implement the company’s strategy in Mozambique;
Implement the business development plan that optimises current markets and drives growth into new local markets at acceptable levels of profitability;
Take overall responsibility for maximising identified business opportunities;
Manage key customer relationships;
Maintain sound corporate governance within the company by reporting regularly to the Group Managing Director;
Lead Mozambique’s team, maintaining good relations with team members and driving team cohesion;
Drives team effectiveness and performance;
Ensure that the right people are employed to implement the company strategy;
Has overall responsibility for Mozambique’s revenue generation and profitability;
Has overall responsibility for Mozambique’s fixed and variable monthly costs;
Ensure timeous and cost-effective delivery of stock;
Oversee the implementation of the warehouse policy for efficient storage, handling and management of stock;
Formulate and implement strategies to achieve sales/growth targets;
Oversee the Finance department’s management of the accounts and finances according to company policy and strategy;
Ensure that the Human Resources policies are adhered to in compliance with Internal Regulation Document, the company Internal Policies and the Labour law;
Identify suitable talent that will ensure effective succession management across key positions in Mozambique;
Undertake regular branch visits to strengthen key relationships;
Continually implement company policies and procedures and make suggestions for what needs to be changed to make the company more profitable and productive;
Efficiently manage people across various locations;
Networks effectively in order to focus resources on implementing strategic opportunities;
Operates in Mozambique business environment;
Perform other tasks as may be required by the Group Managing Director and/or the Board of Directors.
Working Hours
From Monday to Friday:
­ 07h30 – 12h30
­ 14h00 – 17h30
­ 08h00 – 12h30

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Salary: Basic Negotiable - with performance based earnings

Required Skills

10 Years of Experience
Academic Background: Degree in Management, Commerce, or similar would be preferable;<br> Experience (minimum / maximum): 5 – 10 years operational experience in a senior managerial role, ideally within IT knowledge: excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word; Excel; PowerPoint);<br> Insight into the dynamics of the retail market place (African and local markets);<br> Up-to-date with industry trends, developments and initiatives;<br> In depth understanding of sales processes within a retail environment;<br> English – full command of the English language, both written and spoken;<br> Portuguese – highly advantageous;<br> Time availability.<br>
Key Skills
Good communication skills;<br> High level of ethics and confidentiality; <br> Empathy and teamwork skills;<br> Good judgment and strong people and commercial orientation;<br> Hard worker, with high levels of energy and dedication;<br> Results orientated with delivery capabilities and good time management skills;<br> Planning and organization skills;<br> Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, senior managers, and the Board;<br> Conflict resolution - management abilities;<br> Excellent project management skills;<br> Proactive management style with initiative, dynamism and assertiveness;<br> Ability to coach and develop the management team;<br> Decision making skills particularly under pressure;<br> Available to pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role.<br>

Additional Requirements

Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
Assist the Group HSES Manager, lead the HSES team in implementing and maintaining HSES Policies and support management to create a safety culture which embraces zero harm and sustainability;
Liaise with HR/Legal department to communicate relevant Injury On Duty, Security and Environmental Incidents to the relevant authorities within stipulated time according to legal requirements;
Assist management in defining Incident control, emergency preparedness and response procedures;
Assist Management (HSES and Legal) to define Procedure requirements for document and records control;
Identify HSES hazards and risks by assisting and guiding management in risk assessments, and advising solutions, particularly when changes to equipment, procedures and jobs are introduced;
Conduct HSES training sessions as and when required;
Ensure HSES competence is maintained amongst the team;
Assist management to run HSES consultation and education programs with personnel;
Define contractor, customer and visitor HSES requirements and ensure procedures are updated;
Ensure all HSES updates are communicated to affected or interested parties e.g. Risk assessments, Incident Investigation and HSES Policies;
Assist HSES Manager in planning, conducting site contractor HSES Audits and inspections;
Investigate, analyse incident and injury results, identify trends, implement improvement and control measures;
Assist in defining Environment management Procedures and management review procedures;
Advise on Fatigue management in liaison with operational areas;
Ensure Security Procedures requirements are followed;

  • Industry: Environment
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

3 Years of Experience
Degree/Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety/Environment, Security or related preferred; <br> Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office, etc.); <br> Fluency in English and Portuguese native speaker;<br>
Key Skills
Minimum of 3 years of experience in HSES area at Supervisory level; <br> Experience as a trainer in HSES programs and processes required; <br> Experience in ISO, OHSAS, HSES auditing, external qualification preferred; <br> Knowledge of Governmental, National and Provincial laws and regulations; <br> Strong technical knowledge of processes and/or the industry;<br> Accident Investigation training; <br>

Additional Requirements

Our Client is looking for an experienced Engineering Workshop Manager to join their team.Read More

Duties to include:
Responsible for the day to day safe and efficient running of the mechanical workshop.
Responsible for budgets for the purchase of materials,
Fixings and fastenings and machining ensure the smooth progression of projects through the workshop.
Responsible maintaining safe working practises, keeping COSHH information up to date and ensuring everybody is conversant with this information.

Undertaking manufacturing tasks as required
Hydraulic Diagnostics
Quality Control
2 months on 2 weeks off rotation. Flights will be covered

  • Industry: Mechanical Engineering / Trades
  • Salary: USD$3500 - $4500 plus accommodation & benefits

Required Skills

10 Years of Experience
Qualified Fitter & Turner / Mechanical Engineering / Apprenticeship Trained
Key Skills
Hands On <br> Ability to work as part of a team <br> Ability to work to international safety regulations <br> Experience within Hydraulics and Lathe Machining is essential <br> Computer literate <br>

Additional Requirements

Lathe Machining

Our client is looking for an Operations Manager to join their team in Beira, MozambiqueRead More

The Operations Manager's duties include (but are not limited to):
Look after the companies Freight Forwarding operations
Handle all inbound and outbound orders
Maintain all transit operations
Hinterland business
Deal with all road transport
Manage the team of 50
The role is open to all nationalities but you must have the experience stated
The role is based in Beira and will not require travel

  • Industry: Transport / Shipping /Logistics
  • Salary: up to $5000 net per month

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Must have a relevant degree
Key Skills
Being able to speak Portuguese will be a big added advantage

Additional Requirements


Our client is looking for a Finance Manager for their operations in Beira, Mozambique
The Finance Manager is responsible for Managerial & Financial Accounting & Reporting for the area of purview.
The area of purview will span anywhere from 1 to 3 group entities.
The Financial Manager Read More

The scope of responsibilities of the Finance Manager covers Accounting & Finance within the area of purview; overseeing administration, improving systems and developing staff skills to ensure data quality in Finance.
Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
? Perform operational planning to ensure that reports are done on time by all the staff;
? Reconciliation of Operational & Financial systems results through various reconciliation methods;
? Ensure accuracy of accounting including classification, completeness and valuation in the financial ERP system by continuous review and testing of controls;
? Monitor finance data quality through reconciliation, auditing, variance analysis, etc;
? Ensure optimal level of Accounting staff with maximum output through Performance Evaluation and staff planning;
? Manage Cash Control on daily basis through review of the operational reporting as well as cash spot checks;
? Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts reports, Monthly Payroll reports & liaise on IVA statements with the Accounts Manager through various systems and end-user accounting & reporting;
? Supervise Intercompany Month-End Balances and ensure that it balances with other Group companies through communication & reconciliation with all related parties;
? Providing Information in any financial data requested by management as quick as possible through daily planning;
? Ensuring key daily and weekly reporting such as Cash-Flow Projection, Age Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, etc. are done on timely basis through managing, delegating, prioritizing finance department schedules;
? Coordinate with External Auditors by providing all requested information for the final Audit Reports;
? Perform other tasks as may be required by the Group CFO, CEO Mozambique, General Manager(s), and the Group Finance Manager.

  • Industry: Accountancy / Finance
  • Salary: TBC

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
BCom. in Commerce or Finance or equivalent, post-graduate degree is desired;<br> ? Professional Accounting Designation Required;<br> ? Experience required (minimum/maximum): 5-10 years in Accounting / Finance area at a Management Level or equivalent in Audit;<br> ? Knowledge of IFRS and IAS is desirable;<br> ? IT knowledge: Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office products (word; excel; power point), ERP experience;<br> ? Willingness to travel abroad;<br> ? Knowledge of Portuguese is an added advantage;<br> ? Time availability; Willingness to work until the job is done;<br>
Key Skills
Solid communication skills;<br> ? High regard for Empathy and Teamwork;<br> ? Good judgment and evaluation with a focus on value-add to maximize EBITDA;<br> ? Hard worker, with high levels of energy and self-motivation;<br> ? Results orientated with high capacity to deliver quality results in a timely fashion;<br> ? Planning and Organization Skills;<br> ? Decision making, delegation and prioritization skills;<br> ? Negotiation skills for any Financial related issues;<br> ? Ability to take over any role and work if the circumstance warrants/assigned;<br> ? Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, co-workers, Managers and external 3rd parties;<br> ? Pro-active management style with initiative, dynamism and assertiveness approach;<br> ? Good judgment and ability to lead by example by demonstrating high ethical and moral behavior whilst ensuring compliance with the Health, Safety, Environmental & Security and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corrupt

Additional Requirements


The Accounts Supervisor assists the Finance Manager in carrying out the responsibilities of the accounting department. Specifically, the Accounts Supervisor assists with general accounting, statutory filings and remittances, monthly book closing, bank and balance sheet reconciliations and also with Read More

The duties below does not exclude other tasks from being performed if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to this job.
Outline of duties:
Over see the debtor and creditor clerks to ensure that their work is up to standard with Company policy and local laws
Provide training to junior staff in their respoective role. Until such a time as they are well versed in the system and the processes you will be expected to cover for them for monthend reporting and where retraining might be needed in liaison with the Finance Manager you are to facilitate this Prepare monthly tax returns and ensure all payments are honoured on time as required by local laws
Over see the costing functions in both units and ensure any anomallies are identified and dealt with expediently in liaison with the Finance Manager
Prepare general ledger and journal entries and make daily transactions. All non routine journal entries should be discussed with you or the Finance Manager before posting Other generic duties which will be performed by junior staff for which you are expected to over see and perform is such a need requires include:
Administer, update and reconcile accounts receivable and accounts payable
Administer, update and reconcile fixed assets register and make all necessary depreciation postings within the applicable and relevant periods.
Review and process expenses vouchers and reports
Daily account/bank reconciliations
Daily cash reconciliation
Monitor and resolve bank issues including fee anomalies and check differences and exceptions
Reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts
Assist with yearend closings
Assist in preparing budgets and forecasts
Assist with preparation and coordination of the audit process
Assist with implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures
Assist with monthly closings and preparation of monthly financial statements

  • Industry: Accountancy / Finance
  • Salary: MZN 50,000 - 70,000

Required Skills

2 Years of Experience
Accounting degree or relevant <br> Good written and spoken Portuguese and English skills <br> Ability to work with Microsoft Office Products <br> Knowledge of accounting principles and local practices<br> Knowledge of general accounting and finance principles <br> Knowledge of financial reporting <br> Knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding finances and taxation <br> Technical accounting skills <br> Working Hours <br> Regular office working hours Monday to Saturday: 07h30 – 12h30 14h00 – 17h00 <br>
Key Skills
The employee is expected to demonstrate the following behaviors at all times <br> Take responsibility for all actions. <br> Be accountable for all actions. <br> Attention to detail. <br> Be friendly to customers, suppliers, and colleagues. <br> Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors and the general public. <br> Establish and maintain effective working relationships with 3rd parties such as bankers, auditors and government institutions. <br> Maintain regular consistent and professional attendance, punctuality, personal appearance, and adherence to relevant health, safety, environment & security (HSES) procedures. <br> Pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role. <br> Show high levels of dedication to all daily tasks. <br> Show high levels of confidentiality. <br>

Additional Requirements

Our Client is looking for a Regional Area Manager to join their team. The incumbent's responsibility will be to maintain, develop and grow the sales revenue in accordance with set targets, through the effective management of the sales activities in the allocated region
Read More

Key Areas of Responsibility
People/Human Resources (HR)
Service Stations (stations)
Corridor and Business Development and Corporate Affairs
Regulatory, Compliance, Governance and Legal

  • Industry: Sales / Marketing / PR / Advertising
  • Salary: CTC USD $89,350 p/a (Neg)

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Qualification in Logistics/ Supply Chain/business management/marketing or relevant<br>
Key Skills
Good knowledge of General Business Management<br> Must have experience in sales<br> Must be able to train a team<br>

Additional Requirements

Business Management