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Available Jobs - Social Services / Health / Medical(3)

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Half day Bookkeeper
To take over the Bookkeeping function from the General Manager. Hours will be 8am to 1pm. Next year the role will go full day.

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Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. You are certain to be asked specific questions about the company, so make sure you've done your homework on things like their last year's profits and latest product launches. Also take a look at the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence.

Available Jobs Social Services / Health / Medical


Our client in the FMCG sector is looking for a Laboratory In-Charge to join their team
The position exists to provide leadership in the Laboratory operations, schedule, and functions of the Lab to meet the need of the production department as well as to establish procedures, standards and specRead More

Duties to include:
Quality Standards Coordination
Assist in developing and implementing quality procedures, standards, and specifications in conjunction with operational staff as standard operating procedures for quality continuity in the business.
Review customer requirements through customer feedback platforms to determine opportunities for improvement in the laboratory.
Recommend new developments in Quality management for both product and service to the Production Manager ensuring they meet international and national standards to ensure that the organization achieves its mandate.
Monitor the quality of incoming raw material, packing material, chemicals, in-process and finished products as per laid down procedures to avoid wastages and sub-standard outputs.
Budgeting and Cost Control
Understand departmental requirements and develop for recommendation the requisite budget to ensure the department is fully resourced to operate to expectation
Monitor usage of available resources within the department as per the approved budget.
Monitor the adherence by other staff members to approved departmental budget to operate within the approved line items and avoid overspending or underspending.
Internal Customer requirements
Monitor housekeeping, processes of the laboratory operation and ensure its tidy daily to ensure stocks are in a conducive preferable environment to ensure quality assured stock availability at all times required by users.
Understand the requirements of internal customers and departments in relation to availability of the required stock and equipment to ensure production processes do not cease to operate.
Ensure zero quality defects at the time of production and zero complaints during deliveries to customers.
Develop a process efficiency report detailing all the processes involved to observe the trend in which stocks are being quality controlled.
Compile and report on the quality of all in-process/finished material produced to provide with management accurate information on daily basis to help in decision making.
Coordination with other group companies in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Staff supervision
Directing the activities of all subordinates to ensure that they have fully executed their duties appropriately.
Ensure sampling must be done timely (as per set frequency) and methodically to avoid misleading results at the end.
Ensure timely standardization of the reagents in use.
Ensure technician must do analysis with accuracy and efficacy to avoid distorted results.
Ensure that the team timely and efficiently records all inventory transactions to reflect the physical balances to enable end user and internal planning.
Ensure that the departmental staff comply and adhere to the safety, health, environment, and legal standards that have been stipulated.
Induct new employees of how the job is done to ensure for their easy fit within the organization.
Provide training to new employees/existing employees if needed.
Periodically validation of test results, by employing quality labs of group companies/ third party independent laboratory.

  • Industry: Social Services / Health / Medical
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
A Degree in chemical/food science or equivalent.<br> A Master’s degree in chemical/food science will be an added advantage <br> Certification of quality control is a strong advantage.<br> Preferably 5 - 7 years’ relevant work experience in food or feed processing industries<br>
Key Skills
Achievement orientation
Attention to Detail
Planning and Organizing
Concern for Order and Quality
Analytic Thinking
Organizational Commitment
Demonstrated ability to lead teams
Customer Service Orientation

Additional Requirements

food science
chemical science

Our client is looking for a registered nurse to join their team.
Read More

Assist with continuous development of staff.
Identify hazards in the workplace and provide solutions.
Treat emergency injuries.
Develop programs to maintain health and safety.
Identify work-related risks.
Document all injuries and illnesses.
Advising/managing the covid-19 screening SOP.
Examining all patients presenting with covid-19 symptoms.
Referring patients where need be for further medical examination.
Clearing patients to return to work.
Advising business on best practice.
Reporting back to management.

  • Industry: Social Services / Health / Medical
  • Salary: USD 250 equivalent rated

Required Skills

2 Years of Experience
A Nursing Degree.<br> Valid nursing board registration.<br>
Key Skills
Able to work in a multicultural team.
Record keeping skills (Maintain meticulous records).
A positive attitude in a fast-paced environment.
Attention to Detail.
Excellent communication Skills.

Additional Requirements


Our client a Medical and Healthcare Supplies Manufacturer is seeking an experienced General Manager to oversee the production and delivery of all products from its facility in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read More

Role Summary:
The General Manager will oversee the day-to-day responsibility of production and order delivery of all sales of the business
Review corporate objectives and guidance on how to meet (or adjust) objectives based on operations
Review and evaluate present and future opportunities, threats and risks in the external environment and current and future strengths, weaknesses, and risks to the Company, based on industry knowledge
Market presence/partnerships:
Make introductions to relevant networks and contacts that will assist the Company’s sales activities, e.g., potential buyers abroad
Assist CEO and Sales team on sales opportunities as required
Feasibility / planning:
Advise on equipment vendor and equipment specifications
Advise on factory layout and installation of equipment
Advise on permitting process (in conjunction with team and local experts)
Review business plan to ensure alignment with equipment specifications and operational expectations
Implementation / operations:
Provide recommendations and references on polypropylene procurement
Achieve operations performance targets, in terms of volumes and quality
Recruit, manage, and retain junior operations staff (30-40 people); assist in troubleshooting and problem resolution
Provide advice on recruiting and developing senior leadership, interview candidates at Board request
Attend at Board meetings at Board’s invitation
Assisting the Board and Finance Director in Risk Management: identifying, quantifying and mitigating operational and people risks
Assist in answering technical questions for finance, joint venture, government/regulator, development sector, and other partners in feasibility, due diligence, and compliance conversations
Direct and have oversight of regulatory and safety compliance efforts in plant environment
Promote and emulate the highest standards of corporate and clinical governance in compliance with Country’s Code of Governance and other regulatory requirements and best practice, where appropriate
Ensure that quality controls and systems of risk management are robust and implemented

  • Industry: Social Services / Health / Medical
  • Salary: Negotiable based on experience

Required Skills

10 Years of Experience
Over 10 years of experience running the industrial floor operations of a textile and garment fabric production line required<br> At least 5 years in industrial senior leadership roles required, e.g., General Manager, Production Manager<br> At least 5 years of experience on meltblown, any other nonwoven/hygiene production, plastics extrusion operations recommended<br> At least 5 years of experience running operations in emerging markets recommended (e.g., Africa, India), with experience working on/with projects in Ethiopia<br> Considerable experience of setting up and ensuring regulatory compliance of an industrials business in emerging markets<br>
Key Skills
Strong ability to communicate in written and oral English
Ability to move to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ability to speak, read, and write Amharic is advantageous (inability is not disqualifying)

Additional Requirements