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Cigar Leaf Agronomist
Our International Client is looking for a knowledgeable, experienced and thorough Agronomist with experience in growing Cigar leaf and prior agronomy experience in a developing Country to join their Team in Cameroon, offering a very attractive package.

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Our Client is currently looking for a Core Drilling Supervisor with a minimum of 3 years working experience in a Supervisory position to join their team
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DEnsure all SHE, Housekeeping standards are being met
Supervise and make sure all pre-check’s on all equipment is conducted by drill crews before being used and sign off all pre-checks after being completed.
Make sure all drilling crews have adequate tools and consumables required for the day, before leaving for drill site.
Liaise and work together with Drilling SHE Officer to co-ordinate all SHE related issues and activities and any other company related drilling operational requirements.
Sign off on shift hand-over, risk assessment and safety talk forms completed at the start/end of the shift by the drilling crews.
Make sure drilling crews working on site, are follow the correct Drilling operational procedures and are compliant with all Drilling and client SHEQ standards and requirements.
Monitor and ensure drilling crew’s behaviour on site is safe and compliant with SHEQ standards. Immediately remove any crew member from site if he fails to comply with these requirements.
Give warnings; take disciplinary action and generally ensure a productive and safe working crew.
Organise and ensure drilling crews have enough fuel, water, tools etc for the shift.
Make sure correct drilling chemicals in sump and advise drilling crews on how to properly mix and use drilling fluids in correct ground conditions.
Make sure correct bits are used for correct ground conditions, advise driller. Suggest more suitable bits according to ground conditions and advise Operations Manager and Purchasing and Stock Controller when re-ordering bits.
Make sure drill site is neat and tidy and good housekeeping is maintained at all times
Make sure all tools and consumables at drill site are kept in their proper place, and in orderly and smart manner,
BE ON SITE, move between the various drill sites and monitor drilling progress on each rig throughout the day and attend to any operational requirements as they may arise. (communicate with Operations Manager)
Monitor tractors deliver water and fuel to rigs without stoppages. If any unforeseen stoppages occur, quickly attend to the problem so as to minimize downtime and loss of production time.
Make sure all Drilling equipment is SHEQ compliant, and in excellent working order. If any issues take immediate corrective action and inform Operations Manager of your proposed solution.
Communicate and report to the client on any issues as may be necessary and required regarding daily shift progress and planning for the next shift(s).
Communicate with project geologist on monitoring and signing off on start of hole and end of hole quickly, to maximize drilling time ad minimize time lost waiting for geologist to survey and declare end of hole.
Coordinate with client personnel to eliminate scheduling conflicts between drilling and production requiring the ability to communicate with the mine operation departments.
Ensure drilling target requirements are met by making supply requests in a timely and effective manner.

  • Industry: Mining
  • Salary: $4K Net / Month Accommodation Company Car

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Must have either a certified drilling certificate or qualification OR a mining related qualification <br> Must have a minimum of 3 years working experience in a Supervisory position <br>
Key Skills
Team player
Hard worker
Efficient work pace
Strong Leadership skills

Additional Requirements

Core Drilling Supervisor
Core Drilling
Core Drilling Manager

Our client is looking for 3 highly skilled Junior Traders to join their team. This dynamic company requires high-performance traders with entrepreneurial mindset.
They are looking for 3 young candidates who are well presented, driven and have a confident personality. Read More

Our client is looking for 3 highly skilled Junior Traders to join their team in Johannesburg.
This dynamic company requires high-performance traders with an entrepreneurial mindset who will contribute to the overall performance of the company. They will need to have a strong personality to be able to approach new clients and build lasting relationships.
They are looking for 3 young candidates who are well presented, efficient, with great communication skills.
Junior Traders will report to the Senior Traders and must be able to work well as a team player to achieve an outstanding overall result.
Candidates should have between 3 and 5 years of experience working in the trading industry, either with commodities, reductants or agriculture.

  • Industry: Mining
  • Salary: R25,000 - R35,000

Required Skills

3 years Years of Experience
Bachelors in either Finance, Marketing or Logistics. <br> Between 3 and 5 years of experience in Trading.
Key Skills
Dynamic person who has an entrepreneurial mindset and is able to work as a team player. Must be confident and able to speak to clients and build lasting relationships. Candidates must be available to travel and be able to work with people from various different backgrounds and cultures.

Additional Requirements

Commodity Trading
Junior Trader