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• The Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides leadership and is responsible for directing the fiscal functions of the Group in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, international reporting standards issued by international accounts standards board, generally accepted accounting princ

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Available Jobs Education


Our Client is a Christian NGO assisting orphaned children and looking for an Education Coordinator to join their team.
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Contribute to the strategic vision, planning and quality implementation of the Education program;
Manage, monitor and evaluate implementation of the different project components, with support from the Education Technical Advisor;
Coordinate, cooperate and communicate with other Education coordinators in the Sahel region/lake basin to ensure synergy with the Education project there;
Day-to-day management and supervision of a team of local education project staff, including recruitment, staff evaluation, and on-the-job orientation and training;
Responsible for program budget management and project expenditures and putting in place responsible accountability systems to ensure responsible and efficient project spending;
Train and build the capacity of program staff in general management and in project-related education, vocational and life skills topics;
Coordinate and liaise with local/regional education authorities, NGOs, private sector actors and other international partners including UN agencies on all education program activities;
Contribute to the expansion of Education and vocational and life skills programming in Niger, including assessments, proposal development and reporting as needed;
Write regular reports on the implementation of project activities for both internal and external use.
Ensure all project working documents are submitted on time (Annual Work Plan, budget revisions, Performance Monitoring Plan revisions, etc.)
Other tasks relevant to fulfilling the objective of the education programs in Niger.

  • Industry: Education
  • Salary: Negotiable depending on candidate

Required Skills

5 Years of Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Social Sciences. <br> Master’s degree in Education or equivalent. <br> At least 5 years work experience in a similar and or leadership position. <br> Ability to evaluate and modify instructional program and teacher effectiveness based on data analysis and interpretation. <br>
Key Skills
Ability to solve, problems, think critically and manage conflicts.
Ability to manage budget and personnel.
Ability to implement policies and procedures.
Strong organizational, communication, public relations and interpersonal skills.
Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to work as a team and be accountable for any decisions made.
Creative and innovative; social media savvy.

Additional Requirements


Our client, is looking for a Director of Administration to join them.
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The DOA is responsible for:
Financial Management of the College,
Estates management and maintenance, including buildings, vehicles, grounds and other assets. This includes the construction of any new buildings or undertakings.
IT Systems and Infrastructure, data protection and information management
Human Resources Management,
All Administration aspects of the College Campus, excluding academic matters which are the responsibility of the Heads of each school.
The DOA will require to be:
A communicator- Is an active communicator among staff, school administration and the entire School community. Demonstrates empathy when communicating with parents.
A conflict resolver- Manages and addresses conflicts that may arise from time to time with staff.
A collaborator- Collaborates closely with others to ensure mission aligned management of the School and growth. A team player - Is an active member of the administrative team and actively participates in developing strategy, monitoring results, and resolving issues faced by the organization. Shares information that will help everyone. Interacts with stakeholders, while maintaining the level of confidentiality that is required by the position.
Structured- Is organized and procedural in dealing with matters from various departments and with various timelines

  • Industry: Education
  • Salary: Negotiable

Required Skills

10 Years of Experience
Minimum of a bachelor's degree in business, accounting or a related financial field<br>
Key Skills
Established experience of evaluating, onboarding, training, supervising and motivating employees in administration Strong communication (both written and verbal), leadership and time management skills
Proficient with the use of computers and software programs used in finance and business
At least 10 years of relevant experience
Critical thinking, interpersonal and problem-solving skills
Strong analytical skills, detail-oriented and exceptional organizational and multitasking abilities
Reliable and self-motivated.
Strong leadership qualities.
Strategic thinker.
Budget management experience.
People-management skills.
Exceptional organisational skills.

Additional Requirements