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Technical Export Manager (Flowers) - Out of Harare,Zimbabwe

  • Harare, Zimbabwe

Job Details

Job ID: #12037
Job Location Out of Harare,Zimbabwe
Company Type Horticulture / Exports - Flowers and Apples
Job Role Technical Export Manager (Flowers)
Joining Date ASAP
Employment Type Full Time
Monthly Salary Basic Salary of ZWL72000, Performance Bonus USD 585 Benefits

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Senior Management
Years of Experience 4
Residence Location Out of Harare,Zimbabwe
Gender Not Specified
Nationality Zimbabwean only
Degree Diploma in Agriculture and / or Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, or related field would be preferred

Job Description

Out of Harare,Zimbabwe
  • Job Status: Closed

Are you a young, Hort Inspired and experienced Technical Export Manager looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to grow with a fantastic team, based in the stunning Eastern Highlands? Then this position could be perfect for you!

The position exists to develop, lead and execute the technical, postharvest and export aspects of the farming operations of an established, growing Horticulture Flower and Apples Export Company, based in the Eastern Highlands, to enable the company to produce its chosen product lines to international standards on a competitive basis. The Employee will be responsible for the management and proper running of the Technical, Post-Harvest and Exports department for the employer which includes but is not limited to the following:
1. Nutrition - The prescription of the nutrition programs for all the Employers crops which will include overseeing and ensuring that the following is done correctly:
Fertiliser Mixing - according to the required program as designed by the consultant is done correctly and on time, and monitor from time to time the application methods to ensure the correct techniques are being used for the various fertiliser applications and make recommendation where necessary,
Measure and monitor the Ec's regularly in all blocks under production to confirm nutrition is being applied correctly and keep records of such checks,
Make recommendations to the MD on changes to the nutrition programs for the Employers crops it must be noted that all changes must be approved by the MD prior to implementation,
Ensure the required fertilisers are ordered on time and available for use when required.
Follow up on the delivery of said fertilisers and advise the MD of any expected shortages in time to allow for alternative arrangements to be made.
Ensure leaf and soil samples are taken at regular intervals as prescribed by the Employers consultant and submitted for analysis as recommended by the consultant.
2. Irrigation – Ensure the irrigation schedules for all the Employers crops are done weekly and updated as required including the items below:
Design and provide to the production team an irrigation schedule weekly taking into account climatic conditions and current soil moisture.
Ensure the hand test is being carried out in all block twice a week to monitor soil moisture levels.
To ensure even distribution of water, and that the irrigation system is applying what is required, regular tests must be carried out by catching the discharge from one dripper at the Top and bottom of all blocks.
Monitor that blocks are being irrigated on time as per the schedule
Flushing and filter maintenance is carried out
Pest and Disease control – Ensure the employers crops are protected at all times from all pests and diseases to avoid any loss of production by doing the following:
Ensure accurate scouting is being done of all production blocks on a weekly basis and more frequently where required.
Draft Spray programs according to the scouting results and feedback received from the production department to ensure effective control of all pests and disease.
Ensure the Employer is using the latest techniques to manage pest and disease giving due consideration to the environment and costs.
Ensure calibration of spray equipment is done regularly and is correct.
Proper maintenance of spray equipment
4. Training
Carry out training as required to ensure that the functions of the Technical, Post-Harvest and Exports department are being done professionally.
5. Post-Harvest and Exports
Ensure all the Post-harvest processes required for the Employers products are carried out professionally and exceed the standards as required by the chosen markets.
Oversee all the grading facilities and ensure all staff are performing their duties to the required standards.
The Employee is also charged with improving productivity of all those under his department.
The Employee is responsible for all communication with the Employers service providers for logistics and marketing which includes, but is not limited to, providing regular forecasts, documentation and invoicing and other administrative functions for the smooth marketing of the Employers product.
6. Relationship - At all times the Production Department must be considered your customer and supplier and your relationship with those teams should be guided by the principles of these relationships.
7. Support Structure
The Employee is responsible for setting up the support structure for the management of the Technical, Post-Harvest and Exports department. Communication will remain key in order to avoid confusion.
Any employments or changes to structure require the approval of the MD before being implemented. 8. Research and Development
The incumbent will oversee all trials carried out to ensure that they are properly done and looked after in order for meaningful results to be achieved.
He will ensure that findings from the trials are accurately recorded and presented in a manner that enables business decisions to be mad

Key Skills
Export managers serve as intermediaries between foreign buyers and domestic sellers.
Export managers find buyers internationally for domestic product manufacturers.
The candidate will need strong computer skills, good communication skill with good working knowledge of technical aspects of flower production.
Excellent management, organizational, and customer service skills; knowledge of export laws and regulations
Ability to manage logistics of all aspects of supply chain, from product development to the shipment of finished items.
Understanding of accounting or finance.
Must be able to comprehend legal documents.
Strong communication skills and the desire to build lasting relationships with people all over the world.

  • Job Role: Technical Export Manager (Flowers)
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Salary: Basic Salary of ZWL72000, Performance Bonus USD 585 Benefits

Required Skills

4 Years of Experience
Diploma in Agriculture and / or Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, or related field would be preferred
4 years experience as a Technical Export Manager or similar
Must have good working knowledge of technical aspects of flower production.

Additional Requirements

Technical Export Manager
Export Manager
Technical Manager
Exporting Flowers

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